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zandilethecreative blog
zandilethecreative blog

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zandilethecreative blog

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This is probably my 10th try at blogging… well, that people know about. I’ve wanted to start a blog for the longest time! But, much like everywhere on the net, I didn’t really know where I fit in, or even if I had a space. Then, well, I grew into myself and have learned to create my own path, in my own way. To be honest, I’m more confident than ever that I want this blog regardless of whether 2 people read it or 2000.

Why now? Well, I feel as though I don’t really fit in anywhere else but that’s OK. My blog will now be where I can carve out my own lane, where I collect some of my thoughts. To me, blogs seem to be the bonus meal of the Internet; aesthetics (read: Tumblr posts) meet polished/posed photos (read: Instagram posts) meet witty condensed commentary (read: Twitter rants) meet video creation (hey, YouTube uploads) and they all sit down for brunch. And we all know how tasty brunch is, honey!

Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay. 💋

What’s this about?

Hi, Queens & Kings,

My name is Zandile (Zah-ndee-leh); I enjoy helping people (especially women) figure out what their personal style, what drives them and how they can take charge of their lives by taking care of their minds — all in pursuit of living up to their greatest potential. You up for it?

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